Saturday, December 20, 2008

Chris Horner Visits Virginia Beach


Upon the conclusion of Team Astana's Tenerife training camp, PRO cyclist Chris Horner stopped in the new Bike Beat in Virginia Beach for a talk.

Chris is a down to Earth dude. While not as popular as some racers, has won nearly every race in the United States during his career. Chris is currently riding for the Astana Pro Cycling team as a very strong domestique. He said he enjoys the role and is paid generously to help riders like Contador, Leipheimer and now LA. These are some of the best if not the best riders in the world.

Chris talked about his career from racing in the Juniors to his present gig. He said the arrival of LA in camp was amazing. He said the team was organized last year but LA brings another level of professionalism and motivation.

When asked about the relationship between Contador and the rest of the team, he said it will be interesting. Horner mentioned that Contador lost much respect from the team after the comments he made about Leipheimer after the Vuelta. Levi placed 2nd as a domestique riding in support of Contador (rare).

Horner said it was very obvious who would lead the team in 2009 and there was no doubt in his mind that LA would win the Giro and the Tour if he races.

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