Monday, November 24, 2008

New Permanent on the Virginia eastern shore

I received a message from Dean earlier telling me about a new permanent on Virginia's eastern shore. This is fantastic news for Randonneurs in the Tidewater area!

The ride description on the RUSA website states, "Quiet, flat, rural, quaint towns of the Eastern Shore of Virginia." RUSA also lists the total elevation at 500 ft. Having ridden the roads of the eastern shore I will vouch for the term flat. The wind of the Tidewater area often makes up for the lack of hills. Eastern Shore Permanent owner Keith Sutton writes, "It is ALWAYS windy on the Eastern Shore."

I can't wait to take on this route in the coming months. You can read Keith's description here.


Doctor on a bike said...

HEY! Thanks for the plug. Didn't know there was a Tidewater Randonneur blog. I see people in Pungo occasionally with fenders and handlebar bags and KNOW that there must be others around, but it's really good to see we have a blog, too.

Hopefully my route will actually be useful for those who don't mind the CBBT tolls as much as they hate the long drives to other areas for rides.


Bob O. said...

Hi Keith. Thanks for putting the permanent together. I think there are 4 or 5,6? randonneurs in the area; 2 permanents and at least one (the witch of Pungo permanent) in the works. It should be easier to complete the R12 now!

The tolls are not half as bad as driving 6-8 hrs R/T for a ride.

See you on the road.

Doctor on a bike said...

I would LOVE to ride the Witch of Pungo permanent. I tried to work out just such a route based on my own Saturday century ride (even had it starting at the Grace Sherwood statue in the Bayside Hospital parking lot). I'l keep a look out for it.