Friday, October 10, 2008

Road 2 Recovery Ride -- Day 1

This weekend I am participating in a ride for wounded warriors. It is the Road 2 Recovery sponsored by the USO. The ride started at the gym on Little Creek Navy Base. After some introductions and a safety brief, we were off and headed towards Norfolk.

This ride is supported to the hilt for maximum fun. The best part is the police escort. 8 motorcycle officers rode block for us at every single intersection. They also enabled us to use the entire lane on the busy VB streets.

We road through eastern Norfolk then back towards the VB oceanfront. We turned around and cut through Ft Story. When we passed by the USMC Amphibious Recon School, all of the Marines were standing online outside the compound clapping and cheering. Very cool mandatory fun, thanks guys!

We left the base and headed back to Little Creek. About a half mile from the Lesner Bridge, one of my riding buddies asked me if I wanted to sprint to the bridge. I told him we probably shouldn't because the motor escorts probably wouldn't like us to pass them. Then I told him YES I do want to sprint. The pace was like being a caged up tiger, ready to pounce. A few moments later I looked at our cruising speed and said, I would like to hold this speed over the bridge. We agreed and blew over the speed bump!

We had to slow down for the rest of the pack. There were several novice riders and a few recovering warriors on todays ride. Everyone did a superb job from the riders to the support staff.

Pulling into the gym parking lot, I felt hungry. good thing too, there was a full taco bar awaiting. We finished the ride with some good grub and good conversation with our hosts!

Tomorrow and Sunday promise to great rides. Stay tuned for more stories and pictures.

The 2009 RUSA Calendar has been published. There are 4 different regions near the tidewater offering a full brevet series.

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